OUR NAME WAS inspired by two IMPORTANT elements

The foundation of our name was inspired during construction when part of a CN railway - a circular structure called a roundhouse - was discovered. It was used for train cars to enter, load their goods and set off in a new direction - which is the perfect metaphor for our coworking space that sets people on a positive path.

The culture of our brand begins with a 13 sided shape - a triskaidecagon - which is built into our logo to represent the First Nations talking circle where all voices have importance. It symbolizes the welcoming environment we are creating at Roundhouse. 






We’re all responsible for our world. And we’re stronger together. We exist to help people from the community converge, connect, and create relationships that help their businesses and themselves. When we work together to make real change, we all win.



We’re here to support members, their ideas, and the people who those ideas will help. By creating an atmosphere of optimism, we empower our members to turn seemingly small ideas into big change and create a positive effect in our city, our province, our world.



We want to become a machine for social change. To kickstart a cycle of mentors helping others to find success and become mentors themselves. To be a place where ideas can thrive and people can test the boundaries of what they can do. To constantly grow, be better, and do better.



We respect our past, the hard work that got us to where we are today, and the people who come to our space to make a difference. We know that everyone brings a new skill, experience, or perspective to the conversation. And we do our best to make sure they feel heard.